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Certified Crane Service is the best in Los Angeles Crane Rental Service! If you need manned hydraulic cranes, come to us. Serving the greater Los Angeles area with the finest crane rental service in the business. Our work spans the industry, from construction to film. Certified Crane Service specializes in servicing the needs of the movie and television studios.

Dennis & Jerry Smith, founders Smith Brothers Crane Rental/Certified Crane Service

Dennis & Jerry Smith, founders Certified Crane Service

Jerry and Dennis Smith started in the crane business in 1972 and 1973, respectively. They soon joined forces to form Smith Brothers Crane Rental. Their early one-man cranes were adapted to allow travel control from the operating position. This enabled them to do extensive work with boilermakers, building big water tanks, as well as huge oil storage tanks in refineries. They were also useful on steel erecting jobs, notably installing columns in tilt-up buildings.

Certified Crane Service and Smith Brothers Crane Rental, Inc. still has customers from those early years, notably steel erecting companies and other construction related businesses. In fact 90% of our business is repeat business. That said, we always welcome new customers. Our new clients soon learn how we earned the many years of loyalty from our original business partners. We are a small, friendly outfit that is unafraid to take on a big job. We are a company that makes a special effort to tailor to the needs of our customers. Let us work with you to make your job a success, too!

Over the years, our projects have included Los Angeles’ Aerospace Museum and the Science Museum, the Artesia and Harbor Freeway Interchange, Disney Concert Hall, DreamWorks’ Glendale Complex and most recently the new Business Building at El Camino College.

Bantam T350 8-Ton, Smith Brothers Crane Rental

We started out in the business with this Bantam T350 8-Ton.

In forty-plus years in the business, there isn’t much in the way of crane usage we haven’t seen.

Our operators and crew are randomly drug tested, OECP Certified for Operating and Rigging & Signaling. They also have TWIC Cards.

Certified Crane Service: Where To Turn For Los Angeles Crane Rental

Certified Crane Service: Quality Los Angeles Crane Rental & Surrounding Areas

Los Angeles Certified Crane Rental: Working under the sun

Working under the hot sun

The best in Los Angeles crane rental services! Certified Crane Service is a Southern California crane company. We serve the greater SoCal area, including LA, Orange County, Long Beach and the valley. We offer the finest, most reliable crane rental service in the business for 40 years and counting. Our work spans the industry, from construction and infrastructure to film and television. Southern California’s Certified Crane Service specializes in servicing the needs of the movie and television studios. When Los Angeles needs a crane to rent, they call on us.

From Glulam beams to steel beams, from cabinets to cooling towers, from bridge work to highway work, from movie productions to television commercials, from amusement parks to game show sets, from palm trees to tree houses, from spas to rooftops, Certified Crane Service and Smith Brothers Crane Rental have done it all. And we’re always open to new ideas, as well. Don’t hesitate to call with any jobs you might have. For Los Angeles crane rental, there is no better choice. We pride ourselves at making your project work in a safe, cost-efficient manner and sticking within your budget.

The Right Choice For Los Angeles Crane Rental

We offer manned and operated hydraulic cranes from 5-ton to 165-ton in size. No job is too big or too small. Call us any time, 24 hours, 7 days a week, for a quote today. Or use our easy, handy “get a quote” form, and we’ll promptly answer any questions you might have. When you need Los Angeles crane rental, call us first.

Any other questions or inquiries? Contact us ! (818) 899-7210

Our Fleet

5 Ton Barbour

30 & 40 Ton Lorain

40XL Ton Link-Belt

90 Ton Link-Belt

120 & 165 Ton Demag

Clean Truck Rental

Our Services Include

Movie Sets • Construction • Machinery Moving • Steel Erection & Precast Concrete

 Rain Bars • Man Baskets • Pool/Spas • Light Poles • Palm Trees • Cell Phone Towers

  Stunts • Flagpoles • Custom Spreader Bars & Rigging Equipment • Boom Trucks

   Clean Truck Rental • Air Conditioning • Solar Equipment • Heavy Rigging • K-Rail



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