About Our Company & Crane Service

Our company is divided into two divisions, Certified Crane Service and Smith Brothers Crane Rental, Inc. We do this for a reason…

Customer Service

Smith Brothers Crane Rental, Inc.specializes in meeting the needs of an ever changing landscape in the building and infrastructure industry.

Certified Crane on the set of "Wipeout"

Certified Crane on the set of hit television game show “Wipeout”

With 40 years of experience in the building and construction industry we have proven over and over again that things can be done the right way and in the least amount of time. When our customers come to us with special needs, we don’t see problems, we see “opportunities to prove ourselves.”

Certified Crane Service was established because we found that the specialized needs of the entertainment industry demand unique attention.

Certified Crane has vast experience using cranes for lighting, stunts, rain bars, special effects and set construction. We have also worked with every major studio and have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship for many years.

Quality Crane Service

We are open to hear about any job, large or small, from single pick specials to large-scale long-term contracted projects. Our salesmen are always standing by. Feel free to contact us with whatever project you might have on your hands and we will match you with the best crane at the best price. When you go with Certified Crane Service and Smith Brothers Crane Rental you can count on quality workmanship and professional, courteous service. We have a long track record of excellent operating and safe industry practices.

Our operators and crew are randomly drug tested, OECP Certified for Operating and Rigging & Signaling. They also have TWIC Cards.

Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

Movie Sets • Construction • Machinery Moving • Steel Erection & Precast Concrete

 Rain Bars • Man Baskets • Pool/Spas • Light Poles • Palm Trees • Cell Phone Towers

  Stunts • Flagpoles • Custom Spreader Bars & Rigging Equipment • Boom Trucks

   Clean Truck Rental • Air Conditioning • Solar Equipment • Heavy Rigging • K-Rail